Building Your Eden… in Eastern Virginia

Building Your Eden… in Eastern Virginia

By In Home Care, Renovation On May 5, 2015

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Best Projects for Return-on-Investment

As the flowers bloom and the tomatoes ripen, summer comes and we turn our minds towards larger projects. Of course the largest, and never-ending project, is your house. You’ve probably already considered how you’d like to see it improved. Maybe you’d like new siding, or roofing, perhaps windows, or maybe even a new deck. But have you considered all of your options? Do you know the advantages and disadvantages of vinyl siding? How about the return-on-investment percentage for installing a new roof? These are treacherous waters to travel. Luckily Krystal Clear Windows is here to help.



One of the most popular home improvement projects, and our original specialty, is new window installation. If you have an older house then your home heating and air conditioning expenses are probably severely increased by non-energy efficient windows. Older windows have more gaps and micro-cracks that allow more warm air to enter in the summer and cold air to enter in the winter. Replacing old windows with energy efficient modern windows is a great way to lower HVAC costs. Replacing old windows also has the added bonus of adding a large value to your house. On average, you will see a 90 percent return-on-investment from the installation of new windows.



It may not seem like the most exciting of projects, but it does have some major benefits to homeowners. In addition to providing better insulation, roofing increases curb appeal and has a sizeable return-on-investment. On average, installing a new roof will leave you with a 67 percent return on investment. You must also consider the benefit of curb appeal if you plan on ever selling your house. The exterior of your house will be the first thing any potential homebuyer ever sees, and poor quality siding and roofing can turn a potential buyer on their heels.



Replacing siding is a popular project not just for aesthetic reasons, but also because the right siding can lower your heating or cooling costs dramatically depending on which type is chosen. In general, insulated vinyl siding is better at keeping heat trapped in the winter, while brick exterior is better at keeping cool air trapped in the summer. A mixture of both brick and vinyl exteriors not only adds to aesthetic value, but also achieves a perfect balance in lowering HVAC costs. As an added bonus, vinyl siding nets an average of 80 percent return-on-investment.


Decks & Patios

Installation of a deck or patio is the most popular outdoor home improvement and with good reason. Adding a deck increases the beauty of your house while being more efficient for outdoor gatherings, and provides an average of 80 percent return-on-investment. Although a deck doesn’t provide a marked heating or cooling difference, such as the other listed projects, it does have the unseen benefit of providing an added barrier between your house and insects.


We hope that this brief overview has given you a better idea about the benefits of renovation. If you would like to know more about the costs or processes of these installations and more, such as doors, fencing, trimming, and room addition, please contact Krystal Clear Windows. You can contact us by phone at (757) 502-3103 or by e-mail, by following this link.


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