Winterizing for Any Budget

Winterizing for Any Budget

By In Home Care, Maintenance On October 29, 2015


Low-Budget Winterization

It’s that time of the year again! Temperature is dropping, the kids are back in school, and it seems like there’s never enough time to finish all the projects you had planned for the summer! Don’t let the stresses of the season get to you; check out these tips on ways to save money while preparing for winter. We’ve separated the tips into helpful categories based on the amount of work and/or money required to implement them, so there should be something for everyone and every budget!


 Limited Work and Low Cost

 Ideas here will ideally only take a couple of minutes at most to perform and/or shouldn’t cost you anything at all!

  • Change Fan Direction – Turn fans to the clockwise setting by flicking the control switch (usually located above the blades) to the correct position. A fan that is spinning clockwise will remove the warm air trapped against the ceiling, and circulate it throughout the room.
  • Pay Attention to the Thermostat – Consider dropping the thermostat temperature by 10-15⁰ F when sleeping or leaving the house for extended periods of time. There may be some minor discomfort in waking up to a cold house every morning, but the savings are worth it. You’ll save an average of 3% on your electricity or gas bill per degree dropped!
  • Open Blinds During the Day, and Close Them at Night – Even though we don’t receive as many of the sun’s rays in the winter, it is still possible to utilize the natural heat of the sun by opening the blinds or shutters of south facing windows in the day, then closing them at night to prevent heat loss.
  • Watch that Fireplace – If you use an old-style fireplace, then keep the damper closed when a fire isn’t burning. Chimney flues act as a convenient exit path for hot air, and cause your heater work overtime to compensate for the loss!

Every winter brings new challenges for maintaining your home. Contact a Krystal Clear Windows professional to evaluate your doors and windows. We have a vast selection of money saving replacements!

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